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      1. 旅行社牌照號碼:L-SC-GN00901

        Travel Agency License Number ?L-SC-GN00901

        目的地介紹/Destination Introduction

        湖北深度全览大环线 18 天(赏枫版)

        Hubei In-depth Overview of Grand Circle Line 18 Days (Appreciate maple version)

        恩施大峡谷 字.jpg

        景点介绍/Scenic spot introduction:

        安陆银杏村:被称为中华银杏第一村,240 万株的银杏之美,中国之冠。走进银杏谷,感觉像在看巨幅水墨画卷,于深山之中,层林尽染,美得让人沉醉。




        屏山大峡谷:被誉为“北纬 30°的最后一个桃花源”,“中国的仙本那”。峡谷两岸的百丈绝壁延绵数十公里,落差千


        Anlu Ginkgo Village: Known as the first Chinese ginkgo village, the beauty of 2.4 million ginkgo, can be the the crown of China. Into the valley of ginkgo, feel like looking at a giant ink painting, in the mountains, the layers of the forest all tinged, the beauty is intoxicating. 

        Wudang Mountain: It is the birthplace of Taoist mountain and Wudang martial arts, is known as the "unparalleled scenic spot in ancient times, the first fairy mountain in the world". 

        Shennongjia: With fantastic natural landscape, rich biological resources and strong mysterious color, it is a resort for ecotourism and adventure tourism. 

        Enshi Grand Canyon: It is the most beautiful section of Qingjiang River, a tributary of the Yangtze river. It is famous for its magnificent precipitous cliffs and peak, which is praised by experts as comparable to the Grand canyon, USA. In the scenic area, sinkholes, crevices, cliffs, peak clusters, rock pillars, caves, underground rivers and other geological landscape are all readily available.

        Ping Mountain Grand Canyon: Known as "China's Semporna". The cliffs on both sides of the canyon stretch for tens of kilometers, the mountain stream with a drop of kilometers, the pool is clear to the bottom, the boat in the water is like suspended in the air, very dreamy.


        Best time to visit:All year


        Never arrange a tourist shopping store


        Gift of mineral water

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