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      1. 旅行社牌照號碼:L-SC-GN00901

        Travel Agency License Number ?L-SC-GN00901

        目的地介紹/Destination Introduction

        云南.四川大环线 16 日【泸沽湖/丽江古城/梅里雪山/稻城亚丁(2 次进入) /新都桥/海螺沟冰川/四姑娘雪山】

        Lugu Lake~Old Town of Lijiang~ Meili Snow Mountain~Daocheng Yading (enter twice)~Xindu Bridge~Hailuogou Glacier~Siguniang Snow Mountain & Yunnan + Sichuan Circle Line 16 Days


        景点介绍/Scenic spot introduction:

        稻城亚丁:这里是英国詹姆斯·希尔顿(James Hilton)所着《消失的地平线》书中的香格里拉秘境。被誉为“最 后的香格里拉”、“蓝色星球上的最后一片净土”。 


        海螺沟冰川:位于贡嘎山东坡,是亚洲最东低海拔现代冰川,这里有举世无双的冰川瀑布、高山杜鹃、红石滩、雪谷温 泉、原始森林等自然景观,属国家 5A 级风景区,国家级森林公园。 

        四姑娘山:由四座终年积雪的山峰组成,被誉为“东方阿尔卑斯”和“蜀山皇后”。四座雪峰高度分别为 6250 米、5664 米、5454 米、5355 米。 泸沽湖:为川滇两省界湖,为四川云南两省共有,素有“高原明珠” “蓬莱仙境”之称。 

        梅里雪山:是云南省最高的山峰,全长有 150 公里,称为“太子十三峰”。

        Daocheng Yading:This is a mysterious place called Shangri-La in James Hilton's novel“Lost Horizon”. Known as "the last Shangri-La", "the last piece of pure land on the blue planet".

        Xindu Bridge: The light and shadow here is called "the world of light and shadow" and "the paradise of photographers". 

        Hailuogou Glacier: Located on the eastern slope of Gongga Mountain, it is famous in the world for its low-altitude contemporary glaciers. There are unparalleled glacier waterfalls, alpine rhododendrons, red stone beach, snow valley hot spring, old-growth forest and other natural landscape, it is a National 5A Scenic Spot, National forest park. 

        Siguniang Mountain: It consists of four mountains covered with snow all the year round, Known as "the Oriental Alps" and "the Queen of Shushan". The height of the four peaks is 6250 meters, 5664 meters, 5454 meters and 5355 meters respectively. 

        Lugu Lake: It is the boundary lake of Sichuan and Yunnan Provinces, and is shared by the two provinces, known as "the plateau pearl" and "Penglai fairyland". 

        Meili Snow Mountain: It is the highest mountain in Yunnan Province, with a total length of 150 kilometers, referred to as "the 13 Prince Peaks".


        Best time to visit:April to November


        Never arrange a tourist shopping store


        Gift of mineral water

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